IT solution company Signal Alliance building data centres in Nigeria

An IT integration solution firm, Signal Alliance, has revealed that it is ready to assist organisations to streamline big data processes to achieve high quality services delivery. The company considers this policy necessary to improve the quality of services offered by players in the big data industry in Nigeria, the West Africa country where Signal Alliance is based. It is as part of this policy that – as the Chief Executive Officer of Signal Alliance, Mrs. Adanma Onuegbu, recently revealed during an interactive session with ICT journalists in Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous city – the company is currently constructing data centres that can accommodate its customers’ big data.

“… we are assuring Nigerians of the safety of their data”

Mrs. Onuegbu explained at this session that her company will deploy IT solutions that can help organisations to address obstacles that they face in handling a secured big data. She also noted that an independent company like Signal Alliance managing companies’ big data can encourage high corporate productivity as it can enable companies to concentrate on their core business and amass healthy returns on investment. She observed: “The major challenges with customers is about service quality and service delivery, as well as insecurity surrounding big data.” However, she enthused that, “as an IT solution company, we are assuring Nigerians of the safety of their data, when stored either in private cloud or public cloud.”

Promising news for the Giant of Africa

Staff of Data Centre Shop certainly think that the news of the data centres currently being built in Nigeria by Signal Alliance seems promising for many companies in that country. Indeed, that country, which is officially called the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is bound to have, both now and long into the future, plentiful organisations that could benefit from such data centres. Nigeria is often dubbed “the Giant of Africa” due to its large population; indeed, it has about 174 million inhabitants, making it both Africa’s most populous country and the world’s seventh most populous country. Even just Lagos has been estimated to have a population of 21 million, making the city Africa’s largest.

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