IT Consultancy Services

As a customer of Data Centre Shop, you may wish to seek out our partner company, Proxar IT Consulting, for the highest quality IT consulting services. Information technology is something that your business needs to extract the maximum value from if it is to be truly successful and profitable, and Proxar responds to this need by providing consulting services that relate to all aspects of data centre network design and management.

Proxar is able to make your infrastructure more scalable and reliable, as part of a service that maximises performance levels. It is capable of implementing, deploying and administering IT systems on the behalf of businesses, and can also provide advice. Nor are clients hamstrung by unsuitable contracts, as Proxar is sufficiently flexible to offer contracts as short as a few days, or as long as several years – in other words, whatever contract length matches your own requirements.

Cisco consulting services

There are few reasonably sized and ambitious companies these days that can survive without a fast, functional and secure network, with small businesses and larger enterprises alike continually making use of the very latest network equipment. In order to extract the maximum value from such equipment, however, so that it is as reliable and as practical as it is required to be, it is frequently necessary to request consulting services. Such services may include the Cisco network consulting services of Proxar.

Proxar makes the finest Cisco trained and certified engineers, designers and experts available to clients. It means that whether it is a firewall or a router that you need to be configured, or you instead require services in load balancing or advanced Cisco consulting, you can be assured of the appropriate maintenance, repair and/or extension of your network.

Network design and management

There are many different requirements that companies have as far as network design and management are concerned, which is why Proxar offers truly comprehensive services in this area, encompassing full IT network upgrades, migrations and support. Proxar can monitor your network, carry out changes in network configuration or configure firewalls, routers, switches and load balancers, in addition to providing network troubleshooting services and software support and upgrades.

Proxar’s network upgrade and modification specialists have expertise in such areas as planning, design, implementation and maintenance, as it relates to your IT infrastructure. Such services mean that you can turn to Proxar with confidence for assistance with a wide range of possible automated needs for your network, including operating systems, platforms, applications software, servers, networks and printers. The company also has invaluable expertise in network security, and supports your IT infrastructure’s continuing stability and reliability by maintaining a 24/7 monitoring and response team.

Fixed-fee IT consultancy services

In an information technology industry in which nothing seems to stay the same for long, there are certain things that you will probably appreciate remaining consistent. Certainly, one thing that you will be thankful for is a team that remains continually abreast of the latest technological advancements, so that the services and solutions with which you are provided allow your company to maintain its supremacy over the competition.

Nonetheless, there is another factor that is instrumental in making Proxar a great choice of provider of IT consulting services, and that is its pricing structure. Whereas the majority of other IT consulting firms still insist on charging on an hourly/daily basis – and in the process, leave their clients exposed to hidden or unforeseen costs, as can occur if they overrun a previously agreed deadline – Proxar works on a fixed fee basis. That, combined with the company’s 100% record of meeting deadlines, provides you with a little extra peace of mind, and helps to make our service just that bit better tailored to your particular requirements and circumstances.

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So, from Cisco Nexus consulting to Red Hat consultancy services, the full range of IT consultancy services from Proxar is a wide one… and you can find out more about them by visiting the company website or even contacting the firm’s customer service team, on 0844 809 4335. Add the company’s services in network security consulting and IT project management to the list, and your IT consulting requirements are comprehensively covered.