Investment in data centres in Germany worth €7.8 billion in 2013

German IT, telecoms and new media industry group Bitkom recently conducted research revealing that financial investment in data centres in Germany reached about €7.8 billion in 2013. This figure and many other statistics produced as a result of the research suggests that Germany’s data centre industry is in good health; however, the research also made some more worrying findings suggesting that more should be done to.. help to safeguard and enhance the industry’s success. These ends can be met with assistance from products like those available from UK retailer Data Centre Shop.

Signs of a successful data centre sector…

Of this total investment, data centre operators alone spent €7 billion on IT hardware like servers and storage devices. Last year, Germany’s data centre industries included about 200,000 full time employees, of which 120,000 operated the data centres, and the data centre operators revealed in the Bitkom survey that they rated the country’s electricity supply, legal security and data protection as good or very good. All of this seems like good news for the country’s data centre industry, but not all of the findings of the Bitkom research were this encouraging.

… but also some more worrying signs

For example, the data centre operators reported that they were unhappy with Germany’s above average electricity prices. 90% of these operators claimed that electricity prices had worsened over the last half-decade, while 45% revealed that they have considered moving data centre operations abroad.

How Germany’s data centre industry can be protected and improved

This suggests that, unless energy prices in Germany reduce soon, the country could lose valuable data centre businesses to other countries; indeed, Bitkom has demanded that Germany’s government act to lower these prices. The industry group has also said that the sector needs to be enhanced through the country doing more to train IT professionals.

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