Introducing one of the world’s biggest technological corporations, Dell

The data centre equipment that we at Data Centre Shop can help with the procurement and installation of includes that manufactured by Dell, which has developed a considerable reputation in the world of computer technology. Indeed, it is one of the world’s largest technological corporations and there are many good reasons why it has reached this high position. However, you might find that… you know surprisingly little about this prestigious company – in which case, you are especially likely to benefit from this brief but useful introduction to Dell.

Crucial moments in Dell’s history
The company’s origins date back to 1984, when it was founded – under the name ‘PC’s Limited’ – by Michael Dell, then a student at the University of Texas. Back then, the company was headquartered in a dorm-room and made money from selling IBM PC-compatible computers made using stock components. The company changed its name to ‘Dell Computer Corporation’ in 1988. Though the company has spent much of its history dedicated to making hardware, a few years ago, it acquired Perot Systems, leading Dell to enter the IT services market. The company later made further acquisitions to improve its offer of storage and networking systems. The company was publicly traded until a leveraged buyout that closed in late October 2013.

Dell today
Today, Dell Inc. is a multinational computer technology company that has its base in Round Rock, Texas, United States and makes, sells, supports and repairs computers and associated products and services. Worldwide, Dell employ over 103,300 people who help it to sell many different products in the field of computer technology, including personal computers, data storage devices, network switches, cameras and printers. Dell currently holds many high positions; for example, it holds position number 51 in the Fortune 500 list and is the world’s premier shipper of PC monitors. In 2012, it was the world’s third biggest PC vendor.

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