Installation Services

If you require truly cost-effective, high quality and reliable installation services, then we recommend that you seek out our partner company, Proxar IT Consulting. The firm has considerable and relevant experience and expertise in network implementation and server implementation, all as part of a service that is available at a genuinely fixed fee.

When you contact Proxar about the installation of your network or server, you can look forward to a responsive service from engineers that are well-versed in the latest technological changes. In the implementation of your network, the Proxar team will pay special attention to your physical infrastructure to ensure that the final solution is a reliable, efficient and long-lasting one, while the company’s services in server implementation encompass invaluable expertise in Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Network implementation services

Your IT network design is an element to which you will need to pay plenty of attention, as is the final network installation process. When the time comes for you to focus on the latter, you’ll need to find a company on which you can depend to provide you with the highest level of network installation expertise, and that will mean finding a company that knows just how important your physical infrastructure is to successful operations.

Proxar is precisely that kind of company, as it employs IT managers that carefully consider physical aspects in the process of installing network interface cards, running wiring and using switches and routers to connect servers. Taking the time to ensure a properly performed network installation makes it much less likely that you waste time troubleshooting at a later stage, once you have begun to introduce higher level components. Proxar’s engineers are highly organised in their approach to network installation, and can install servers and racked storage.

Server implementation services

There are all manner of issues that you can encounter with the implementation of your server, at all manner of stages, from the architecture’s initial conception to the final deployment of your system. Again, Proxar’s engineers can be of great assistance, as they are Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL6) certified and are able to oversee your system’s successful deployment, whether it is a multi-server web platform or data centre network design.

The team at Proxar knows how to extract the maximum worth from each new system, starting with an evaluation of the given client’s existing IT infrastructure. It is after the implementation of the new structure that further support, maintenance and Red Hat training is available for those firms that require it. Proxar’s high level of relevant knowledge and experience means that companies can look forward to more efficient networks and easier application management, in addition to a reduced data centre network carbon footprint. The company’s expertise even extends to Red Hat security, with use of the ModSecurity tool being strongly advised for Red Hat users.

Fixed-fee implementation services

In such a fast paced and continually changing information technology industry, it can be reassuring for at least some things to remain constant. One of those should be the ability of the engineers that you enlist the services of to provide solutions that incorporate the latest technological advancements, in the process keeping your company competitive against rivals. Indeed, whether you require IT network consultancy or emergency IT consulting, Proxar can ensure that your data centre network is highly scalable and reliable, in addition to offering the best possible performance.

One other thing that is fixed about the service that Proxar provides is the fee. While most IT companies calculate what they charge on the basis of the amount of time spent by the expert, such hourly/daily rates can cause many problems for a client company such as your own. These can include unforeseen, hidden fees causing the price to spiral out of control, while many IT consulting companies can also easily miss predefined deadlines. The latter is certainly not the case at Proxar, which has a 100% record of meeting deadlines, while we can also guarantee that there are no hidden charges, as part of an installation service that covers every aspect of your network infrastructure.

If you would like to find out more about Proxar’s full range of installation services and solutions, simply give the company a call on 0844 809 4335 – or click through for more information on Cisco consulting services (including Cisco Nexus consulting), network design and management services, Red Hat consultancy services, network security consulting or IT project management.