Who are innovators in data centre technology IBM?

IBMWe imagine that you have likely heard of IBM, plus probably heard of their recent innovations in data centre technology. IBM, more formally known as the International Business Machines Corporation and often nicknamed Big Blue, are currently involved in intriguing projects that could greatly benefit data centres, including… developing robots that could carry out data centre work and building technology that could minimise data centre disruption due to natural disasters. However, not everyone is aware of exactly who IBM are and their lengthy and influential history.

The reputation of IBM today
Today, IBM make and market computer hardware and software for selling worldwide and offer services and products in many different areas, including infrastructure, consulting services and hosting in areas including mainframe computers and nanotechnology. The company is certainly successful; in 2012, it was ranked by Fortune magazine as the United States’ ninth most profitable company and nineteenth largest company in terms of revenue. Furthermore, in 2011/2012, IBM was named the second most respected company by Barron’s magazine and eighteenth most innovative company by Fast Company magazine. That’s the kind of status that IBM enjoys today; now, we will shed some light on how they got there.

The history of IBM in a nutshell
In 1911, several companies and technologies were merged to form a company called Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company – or C-T-R. In 1924, the company’s name changed to the International Business Machines Corporation. IBM have given the world many revolutionary technological inventions, including the floppy disc, the hard disc drive and Watson artificial intelligence. Indeed, as of 2013, for twenty consecutive years, they have generated more patents than any other company. During their history, IBM have become especially recognisable for their common use of the colour blue in their products, packaging and logo; the company have used their current logo since 1972. The company’s logo, like their reputation and influence, could endure for many years and decades yet.

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