Indian technology expert puts forward new measures for greener data centres

We at Data Centre Shop are highly conscious of our environmental impact. This is both in terms of the such impact that the products we stock..can have once they have been installed in data centres, and the environmental impact of the advice that we give on how data centres can be made more eco-friendly, like the advice in this particular post in our website’s Blog¬†section.
Hence, you should clearly see why we have opted to draw attention to a new set of measures that have been designed to encourage more environmentally friendly data centres and were recently proposed by Indian expert in data centre technologies Shekhar Dasgupta.

A number of interesting measures proposed by Shekhar Dasgupta

These measures are intended to increase the efficiency of IT infrastructure and, in the process, encourage leaner and greener data centres. However, they are also intended to go significantly beyond this. Dasgupta recently said in a speech at Data Centre World, the primary international meet for data centre managers, in Las Vegas that these measures could not only reduce financial costs and environmental impact, but also enhance performance and revenue.

The measures for data centres that Dasgupta put forward include a Digital Services Efficiency – or DSE – measure that can work effectively with Data Centre Infrastructure Management – or DCIM – Software. Even just this measure, Dasgupta said, could mitigate a data centre’s environmental impact through optimisation of – among other things – power, space and networks. He urged chief information officers – or CIOs – to treat power, space, networks and cooling as crucial to data centres, which he said contain mission-critical applications and data.

Data centres have become more and more power-hungry

In recent years, data centres have developed in ways ensuring that they have required more and more power. However, this is clearly inconvenient for many data centre operators who, as a result, have had to spend more money on powering their facilities. Particularly power-hungry aspects of data centres include features that are intended to make data centres fail-safe, including multi-level back-up features for power, computers, air conditioning and networks.

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