History can teach you a lot about the importance of firewalls

FirewallHere at Data Centre Shop, we offer a large range of firewall hardware – especially from Cisco, for which we are a Cisco Certified Reseller and Partner. You probably, then, already recognise several good reasons to buy firewall hardware from Data Centre Shop. Furthermore, historical events that have highly influenced the development of firewall technology can teach you a lot about… the importance of firewalls to many businesses today, as this blog post can help to demonstrate to you.

The origin of the term ‘firewall’
The term ‘firewall’ was originally used to describe a wall intended to keep a fire or potential fire within a building. The term was then later used to describe similar structures, like the metal sheet that separates a vehicle or aircraft’s engine compartment from the vehicle’s passenger compartment. It shouldn’t overly surprise you, then, that, when many network managers felt that they needed systems that could control incoming and outgoing traffic on their networks, ‘firewall’ seemed like an appropriate term to use to describe one of these systems. This can teach you a lot about the basic nature of firewalls and, therefore, how they could help your company.

The predecessors to network firewalls: 1980s routers
It wasn’t until the late 1980s, during the Internet’s infancy, that firewall technology emerged. Before then, the purpose of firewalls was fulfilled by routers. Several events during the Internet’s youth were highly influential on the development of firewall technology. For example, it was in 1986 that, while a systems administrator at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Clifford Stoll identified the intrusion of hacker Markus Hess and tracked him down. Also very influential was the outbreak of what became known as the Morris Worm; this affected many Internet-connected computers at a time when people with such computers are insufficiently prepared to deal with attacks of this nature. Many lessons widely learned following events like these have proved fundamental to basic understanding of the importance of firewalls to many companies.

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