Why we could help companies to tackle challenge of high power usage in data centres

Running a data centre can be very financially costly and this is often mainly due to high electricity usage. Some data centres have even been said to each use as much electricity as a small city! It is understandable, then, that many companies are often looking for new ways in which they can reduce the amount of power they use to run their data centres… It has been put forward by the data centre industry that data centre power consumption is unlikely to shrink soon; however, with the help of data centre products retailer Data Centre Shop, many companies could increase the energy efficiency of their data centres and so help to – at least to some extent – control the amount of money that they spend on power to run their data centres.

A financially daunting future for many companies running data centres…

Andrew Oldfield, director of emerging markets at Panduit, has claimed: “Assuming nothing changes, we can expect explosive growth in the consumption of power.” He has referred to the DatacenterDynamics 2012 Global Census, which indicated that worldwide data centre power requirements increased by 63% from 2011 to 2012 and forecasted such requirements to rise by 17% in 2013. Oldfield has attributed these figures largely to “the expansion in the number of data centres”. Wayne Dick, business development manager of sub-Saharan Africa at Hitachi Data Systems has similarly opined that the amount of power used by data centres will not shrink in the next five to ten years.

However, Oldfield and Dick have both noted how businesses using data centres could draw upon particular methods to increase the energy efficiency of these facilities. Dick has explained that virtualisation could be used to streamline data usage to this end, while Oldfield has claimed that “if efficiencies are made then … additional energy demand could be contained” – and we concur with his claim.

… but Data Centre Shop can help to make that future more bearable for such companies

We at Data Centre Shop offer data centre products that are advanced in that they can be used to make many companies’ data centres more energy efficient.

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