Group 3S intends expansion of data centre operations in Poland

Group 3S has already previously publicly revealed information about the building of its data centre in the city of Katowice in southern Poland. However, it has recently been revealed that the company is planning to expand its data centre operations in the country. According to Monika Gruszczyk, a business director at Group 3S, the group intends to have 4,000 square metres of data centre colocation space and another building in Katowice and… a supplementary centre just outside the city. We at Data Centre Shop reckon that this is great news for Poland and the European data centre sector generally.

Two cities in Poland are especially set to benefit

Group 3S obviously sees Poland as a great place to develop its data centre operations, especially as the group has considered other markets in Europe. Gruszczyk has revealed that her company already has access to data centre colocation space measuring 1,200 square metres, a data centre building that is 80% leased and another such building in which there are 60 cabinets that Group 3S has sold. The company’s recently-unveiled plans for expansion in Poland, which include the setting up of a centre in another city in southern Poland called Bytom, should help the company to greatly build upon its previous successes in providing in-demand data centre services.

The importance of high quality data centre products

Though Group 3S will naturally want to ensure that its expanded data centre services in Poland meet particular high standards, this is unlikely to occur without the use of data centre products that also meet particular high standards. Without such products, the group is especially unlikely to realise its ambition of attaining 6% of Poland’s data centre colocation spaces market. Many of the potential customers that the group will want to target will be working in the sectors of banking and finance, IT, telecommunications and medicine and are likely to have particularly high requirements in data centre services. Therefore, Group 3S should be meticulous in choosing to use high quality data centre products like those that are commonly available from the UK-based data centre products seller Data Centre Shop.

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