Why we should be your first choice company to buy Cisco equipment from

If you want to purchase Cisco Systems networking products, like routers, switches, firewalls and modules, for your business to help it to benefit from an efficient network, you should first remember to set high standards concerning what company you buy such equipment from. Indeed, what company you buy Cisco Systems equipment from can make a surprisingly big difference to…the quality of the equipment – and, in this blog post, we put forward many of the greatest reasons why you should choose Data Centre Shop to purchase Cisco Systems products from.

We are a Cisco Certified Reseller
Data Centre Shop is part of Proxar IT Consulting, otherwise known as Proxar Ltd, which has been a Cisco Certified Reseller and Partner since 2008. But what does being a Cisco Certified Reseller really mean? Actually, quite a lot, you might be surprised to learn.

Any company has to have extensive industry knowledge that it can use to help its customers with their buying decisions before Cisco Systems enables the company to become a Cisco Certified Reseller. Furthermore, due to the well defined distribution channels of Cisco Systems, any Cisco equipment which does not come from Cisco Certified Partners and UK Resellers is considered “grey”; in other words, not certain to be legitimate. Therefore, buying Cisco products from a Cisco Certified Reseller is a good move to safeguard your peace of mind.

We offer an impressive range of services
Data Centre Shop isn’t just a retailer of products; not only can you buy Cisco Systems products from us, you can draw on an impressive range of services from us to arrange for the effective procurement and installation of Cisco Systems products.

We have staff who are accredited from Cisco and so are in an ideal position to help you to get the most out of Cisco Systems products that you buy from Data Centre Shop. For example, your company can benefit from a second opinion about the design of its data centre, well-informed advice that can often be given free of charge and, if your company requires them, installation, maintenance and 24/7 support services.

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