Facebook set to build its second data centre in Swedish city of Luleå

World-dominating social networking website Facebook runs what it dubs “one of the greenest, most cutting-edge facilities” globally in the form of a data centre in the Swedish city of Luleå. However, it shouldn’t be long before this Baltic port city is also home to a second, more technologically sophisticated data centre run by Facebook. The company has recently indicated that construction of the facility will begin soon… and expressed its hope that the new centre “will become a model for the next generation of data centres”.

A potentially revolutionary data centre project

Luleå was chosen strategically as the location for the existing data centre; indeed, the city offers high availability of hydropower facilities and its cold climate reduces the necessity of cooling apparatuses for the data centre. However, though this facility has been operating since only last year, the upcoming data centre seems likely to trump it in several respects.

The new facility will, for example, be built in a different way to the first data centre. Facebook will build the centre using modular sections that are made before being assembled on-site. This new construction method will ensure that the building work is less lengthy and adverse for the local area than would be typical. Facebook has even expressed its hope that the new data centre will hugely influence the manner in which future data centres are constructed “as the great Swedish company Ikea revolutionised how furniture is designed and built”.

A wide range of data centre equipment could help

Facebook, which claims to have over 1.2 billion users globally, has not revealed the expected financial cost of constructing the new data centre. However, regardless of how much financial expenditure this project is likely to involve, the data centre could become especially revolutionary with assistance from data centre equipment like that available from Data Centre Shop.

We have long been proud of the great diversity of data centre equipment that we stock. The list of companies who supply us with this equipment reads like a “who’s who” of big name data centre product manufacturers – including Cisco, HP and APC.

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