F5 and Juniper products are now available on Data Centre Shop

Having long had a strong reputation as a Cisco Certified Reseller and Partner, Data Centre Shop has a keen appreciation for the requirements of a wide range of medium to large companies.
It helps to explain why, in addition to procuring and installing Cisco equipment, the firm stocks various other vendors like HP, APC and Brocade. Such a wide range of networking equipment has given Data Centre Shop an unparalleled reputation that has only been further enhanced by the recent addition of F5 and Juniper products to the store.
From Juniper switches to F5 BIGIP loadbalancers, Data Centre Shop offers all of the products of these brands that a company like yours could possibly need to enjoy enhanced network connectivity, uptime and performance.

F5 products of the highest order
Given F5’s status as a trusted partner for some of the largest businesses, service providers, consumer brands and government entities in the world, it’s very likely that you already depend on F5 products on a routine basis, without even being aware of it.
Now, Data Centre Shop’s own range of F5 products enables you to better appreciate just how the firm became such an international leader in application delivery networking. Our F5 hardware includes the VIPRION platform, a single, powerful device incorporating modular performance blades that can be added or removed without any of your applications or services being disrupted.
But F5 BIGIP loadbalancers also now feature in the online store, combining with VIPRION to boost an organisation’s ability to scale or adapt in accordance with current needs. Data Centre Shop offers an extensive selection of BIGIP hardware for the management of even the heaviest traffic loads.
F5 BIGIP loadbalancers consist of such elements as SSL hardware acceleration, hardware compression, OneConnect connection pooling, Embedded Packet Velocity Acceleration (ePVA) and more, all helping to consolidate devices and in doing so, save management costs, space, electricity and cooling – while still giving you room to grow.

The best choice of Juniper switches and routers
Juniper is another leading name in network innovation, which should make it highly unsurprising that we have chosen to offer the broadest range of Juniper switches and routers. Our in-stock Juniper switches include both EX Series and QFX Series switches, which are renowned for their high availability and performance levels.
EX Series switches from Juniper are true carrier-class solutions for converged enterprise branch offices, data centres and campuses, also being popular for service provider deployments. They include, at one end of the range, the compact, fanless EX2200 switches, with the likes of the EX4300 compact, fixed-configuration platform and EX6200 – the latter a resilient and scalable high-performance wiring closet solution – also being available.
Alternatively, it may be a focused selection of QFX Series switches that customers of Juniper products wish to choose from, on account of the high performance, low latency and richness of features of such switches when deployed in data centres. To that end, medium to large companies can purchase such a fabric-ready edge device as the QFX3500 switch, or the high-performance QFX3600, a 40GbE/10GbE standalone data centre switch that it is possible to convert to a fabric-ready QFabric Node edge device in a complete QFabric System.
Or perhaps a demanding medium-sized firm may be intrigued by Data Centre Shop’s complete selection of Juniper routers, encompassing the likes of the ACX Series, BX Series, CTP Series, E Series and J Series? Completing an enviable, industry-leading range of Juniper products are various security modules and accessories and the likes of IDP Series, ISG Series, MAG Series and NetScreen Series items.
It all helps to make Data Centre Shop the true one-stop shop for the finest Juniper products.

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