Data Centre Shop was never about the hardware…

That headline may surprise you. You may imagine, if you are contemplating the purchase of Cisco equipment from us, that we are all about the hardware – especially if you have already investigated our vast online range of products, including firewalls, switches, modules and routers, for use by medium to large organisations like your own.

However, as proud as we are of the extensive data centre hardware that we can provide, encompassing everything from Cisco servers and storage to similarly renowned products from such brands as APC, HP and Juniper, our ethos is a much wider-ranging one, in keeping with that of the IT services provider of which we are a part.

Data Centre Shop may offer an in-depth selection of data centre equipment, but it is merely a brand name of Proxar IT Consulting, which was established in 2008 to provide organisations across the public and private sectors with the complete range of informed network support and consultancy services from seasoned and well-trained engineers.

We are Cisco experts, not just another Cisco reseller

Consider, for example, our relationship with a giant among networking product manufacturers, Cisco. The procurement of Cisco equipment is one of our principal areas of focus, but we provide such products in our role as a Cisco Certified reseller and partner.

This means that, far from merely selling you the product and then leaving you to work out how to use it, we take an active role in helping you to extract the maximum value from it – with the direct and real backing of Cisco itself. Each Cisco reseller, after all, is subject to a thorough training programme before Cisco Specialized Partner status is secured.

Cisco works closely with its resellers to ensure that the products and services that they provide are truly second to none – a source of reassurance for those who choose to buy from Data Centre Shop. Our customers are also reassured, however, by all of the expertise of Proxar IT Consulting, in such areas as network monitoring, troubleshooting, upgrades, installation, configuration and even the most advanced Cisco features.

A sampling of our support services for your data centre equipment

From the start to the finish of your relationship with us, through Data Centre Shop to the wider services of Proxar IT Consulting, we are committed to ensuring that your experience is as positive as possible. Right when you first purchase, our Cisco experts can give free advice, including on installation, maintenance and 24/7 support.

Proxar IT Consulting is highly rated for the quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of its installation services, for example, with a responsive service being provided by engineers who are well-versed in the most recent technological developments relating to network and server implementation.

Data Centre Shop customers are also welcome to take advantage of Proxar IT Consulting’s 24/7 support services. It’s the perfect way of ensuring that your newly-acquired data centre hardware doesn’t just deliver the optimum performance and uptime now, but also for a long time to come, with our watching Cisco experts quickly intervening to resolve any emerging technical issues before they are allowed to escalate to a critical level.

Such services include everything that you need to ensure the smooth 24/7 operation of your data centre equipment, from network management to network monitoring, with expertise in the likes of Linux/UNIX, Red Hat and CentOS, as well as Cisco equipment.

A Cisco reseller with a difference

Here at Data Centre Shop, we care about ensuring that you get the most out of your data centre hardware. Contact our engineers now for more information about our full range of services that goes far beyond hardware procurement, whether you require Cisco installation services, maintenance, 24/7 support… or just that invaluable second opinion.

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