Data Centre Shop – Cisco equipment at cost?

Proxar IT Consulting is a technical management consultancy company focused on providing services to large enterprises and public sector. With an emphasis on Cisco technologies and Linux/UNIX operating systems, Proxar also offers a high level of expertise in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Prior to 2012, the company focused on service; however, during the last quarter of 2011, it became clear to the management team that vendors of hardware were keen to offer very competitive purchasing prices to Proxar’s contacts. As a result, Proxar was able to pass on these special terms to a number of clients.

A new website was developed at the beginning of 2012 – – to enable Proxar to offer several hundred Data Centre products, predominantly Cisco networking devices. Proxar is a Cisco Certified Partner, which means that the hardware on sale comes from reliable sources and is supported fully by Cisco smartnet contracts. As one of the aims of the Data Centre Shop is to generate more leads for Proxar’s services, the board decided to price products modestly, covering costs while generating an increase in demand for the company’s expertise.

When asked why Proxar decided to work on a low margin basis, the company was able to name a number of benefits including, but not limited to:
– a considerable increase in the volume of clients seeking Proxar’s IT consulting and network management services
– more clients seeking advice. Technical staff at Proxar IT Consulting like a challenge and are always happy to help
– employing a variety of equipment, Proxar’s highly qualified engineers use their skills and knowledge to help clients, thereby expanding their expertise on a daily basis
– Proxar’s clients have direct access to a website through which they can purchase all the equipment they need. Staff at Proxar are happy to source further products as requested.

Clearly, Proxar’s approach has proved successful. Three months after the Data Centre Shop was launched, the website was receiving thousands of visitors. Managing director of Proxar, Paul Preston (Cisco and Red Hat Certified), commented: “The traffic, volume of phone calls and orders are growing fast. It’s amazing what Google can do for a business. If it wasn’t for our new data centre infrastructure, that hosts the Data Centre Shop website, it would be difficult to sustain such a high number of visits.”

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