Data centre potentially to be built near Australian university

It was recently reported that executives of Australian data centre company Australian Data Centres are mooting the construction of a data centre on a plot of land near an Australian university. The university is the University of New England, which is commonly named as UNE and mainly located in the city of Armidale in New South Wales. The proposal of this data centre construction is notable news in the world of data centres because,… if built, the facility would create as many as 120 jobs and attract more businesses to Armidale.

Many benefits of a new data centre in Armidale

The new facility, which is intended to be built in a space measuring between 10,000 and 15,000 square miles at the back of UNE’s Armidale campus, would bring many benefits to many different people and companies. It would, for example, lead high-technology businesses to base themselves in the city and store data in the facility. It would also effectively link with another Australian Data Centres data centre that has seen $103 million of investment and recently been built in Canberra. Explaining her company’s choice of Armidale as the location for the proposed data centre, Australian Data Centres commercial director Megan James stated in late February that her company requires “a cool-climate region and a link to the national broadband network”.

The progress of the project

It is currently intended that Australian Data Centres executives will discuss the suggested project with officials when they visit Armidale on 7 March. James added: “We will make a final decision within the next six months, however, a regional location such as Armidale is our preferred option for a second data centre.”

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