How does a company become a Cisco Certified Partner?

Cisco-PartnerYou might have noticed that Data Centre Shop has the status of a Cisco Certified Partner. We are certainly proud of this status; only a particular number of retailers of Cisco equipment have it and, for you, there are particular benefits if you purchase Cisco equipment from a Cisco Certified Partner. You can, for example, feel confident that the equipment is genuine and benefit from customer service that Cisco themselves would approve of. Furthermore, there are many, many boxes that a company has to tick before Cisco are willing to bestow upon it the coveted Cisco Certified Partner status. Here, we detail what we had to do to become a Cisco Certified Partner.

We had to meet many demanding requirements
To be more precise, we are a Cisco Select Certified Partner. In order to become a Cisco Select Certified Partner, we had to first agree to Cisco’s Channel Partner Program Terms and Conditions during the application process and demonstrate that we met all of the particular requirements for Select Certified Partner status set out by Cisco. These requirements included having a valid resale agreement or Cisco Indirect Channel Partner Agreement (ICPA) in place and having customer service and callback available 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

You can expect an amazing customer experience from Data Centre Shop
High quality customer service is certainly one of the things that you should most expect when using Data Centre Shop to consider, buy or get post-sales support for Cisco products. That’s because Cisco particularly endeavour to ensure that a company is capable of delivering this before it hands it Cisco Select Certified Partner status. Ultimately, Cisco works closely with its resellers to make sure that these resellers provide especially good customer experience not only upon initial purchasing of Cisco equipment, but also throughout the buyer-reseller relationship. Cisco also make sure that their resellers have sufficiently large industry knowledge to help their customers with their purchasing decisions and that these resellers surpass customer satisfaction standards.

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