CNT begins building two large data centres in Ecuador

You may have noticed that we like to use the News section of the Data Centre Shop website to report on many constructions and expansions of data centres in various countries around the world. It certainly intrigues us – and we think that it intrigues many of our customers and potential customers – to learn how data centre industries are developing and changing outside the UK. So far, we have overlooked developments in data centre industries in South America,… hence our recent fascination to learn that two large data centres are currently being built in Ecuador.

Two highly appropriate locations for data centres

The data centres are being built by Ecuador’s state-run telecom carrier National Telecommunications Corporation, commonly referred to as CNT. One of the facilities is being built in Quito, which is the country’s capital city and famed for being the world’s highest official capital city; it has an elevation of 2,800 metres above sea level. The other data centre is being constructed in Guayaquil, the country’s largest and most populous city.

The intended purposes of the data centres

The data centres, the complete building of which will likely cost $36 million as this is how much CNT have revealed they have allocated for the project, are intended to help CNT to further infrastructure for customers. This, in turn, is intended to ensure the availability of services that the company already provides and improve new services from CNT, like VAS, cloud computing, virtual storage and content management. It is currently forecast that the Quito facility will commence operation in August and the Guayaquil facility will follow in September.

Two data centres that should help the Latin American data centre market

These data centres should help the data centre market in Latin America to meet its currently anticipated compound annual growth rate of over 10%. Indeed, telecommunications is currently Ecuador’s fastest growing sector, the number of broadband and fibre connections in the country having increased to 9.5 million by March 2013. We at Data Centre Shop expect that these two new data centres will help to further boost this number and have many other benefits.

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