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CIX to make 10 new jobs as it expands data centre in Cork

We like to think that many data centres on the island of Ireland can continue to develop and improve long into the future. Indeed, we have previously mentioned how data centres in Belfast, the capital city.. of Northern Ireland, can be enhanced with help from Data Centre Shop, which serves all of the UK. You are therefore likely to understand why we are delighted to have recently learned of news of the upcoming expansion of a data centre that is run by Cork Internet eXchange and located in the county of County Cork in the Republic of Ireland.

A data centre expansion that will serve many purposes

Cork Internet eXchange, which is commonly referred to as CIX, is making 10 new jobs through the expansion of this data centre at Hollyhill. The expansion will see the facility’s current data capacity double in size and the total amount of investment in the data centre rise to nearly €5m.

Seán Sherlock, the Teachta Dála for Cork East and the Minister of State for Research and Innovation in the Government of Ireland, said when officially opening the new CIX 1B data centre that this expansion would help Cork to continue to attract international investment and support its own indigenous technology industry. CIX’s CEO, Jerry Sweeney, has described his company as “critical to the broadband infrastructure of the region, and indeed in Ireland”, adding: “There has been an explosion of digital technology and generation of digital data in recent years. All this data must be processed, stored, managed, exchanged and monitored in data centres.”

CIX serves Munster in many ways

The data and connectivity centre Cork Internet eXchange was formed in 2008 and uses its wholesale business with all of Ireland’s biggest telco brands to provide broadband to tens of thousands of residences in Munster, one of the Provinces of Ireland located in the south of the Republic of Ireland. The company also serves Munster through supporting most of its multinational organisations and providing the connectivity centre for both inbound and outbound traffic of the Province’s Internet providers. We wish them luck with the data centre expansion.

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