Cisco Nexus switches work with 10 Gigabit Ethernet standard.

The 10 Gigabit Ethernet is a networking standard of 10 billion bits per second data rate with full duplex and no packet collisions. It is the core of all next generation data centres, improving reliability and enabling standard Internet speed to be faster and networks to have better data capacities. Currently, traffic loads are increasing rapidly and 10 Gigabit Ethernet is capable of handling that traffic.

It takes time to process a packet and send it out. The signal travel time is pretty much the same whether it goes through copper wire or optical fibre but, thanks to 10 GigE, the time of transmitting any given packet is reduced significantly. This is extremely important as the speed requirements of data centres are rapidly growing.

The 10 Gigabit Ethernet standard offers a major bandwidth increase and significant price-per-port reduction. It’s better to use one 10 Gigabit Ethernet link than Gigabit Ethernet aggregation. The reason for this is that 10 Gigabit Ethernet offers better scalability than multiple Gigabit Ethernet links, which give longer deployment lifetimes. It gives better support for large streams and reduces cabling complexity compared to multiple Gigabit Ethernet links. Thanks to the availability of new optics, 10 Gigabit Ethernet can be deployed anywhere using current fibre cabling.

If you want all the benefits of faster link speeds and higher bandwidth, you need to update your network infrastructure to one that has devices capable of fully utilising it . Cisco introduced 10GBASE-T standard on the Cisco Nexus switches. These series of switches simplify the infrastructure, by offering a comprehensive one-platform solution, and decrease total cost of data centre by port density. Using Nexus switches gives high performance, scalability and resilience. Nexus series support low-latency 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks and provide a cost effective solution – all thanks to the low per-port cost of the switch.

To summarise, Cisco Nexus switches are a very good solution for working with 10 Gigabit Ethernet in today’s data centres. Combining these two technologies provides port density able to support different server configuration. Cisco Nexus switches are a great choice for 10 GigE. They fully use, work and support 10 Gigabit Ethernet connections. Demand for 10 Gigabit Ethernet and consolidated I/O is pushed by a fast increase of in-rack computing density and the growing use of virtualisation software. Cisco Nexus switches are designed for data centres transitioning to 10 Gigabit Ethernet standard and they are an excellent match.

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