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Today, great numbers of medium to large organisations, across both the public and private sector, are dependent on Cisco networking products – including routers, switches, modules and firewalls – to ensure that they benefit from a secure, fast and functional network.

It’s a far cry from the situation some years ago, when even the most rudimentary network would serve the needs of most businesses. But if you are looking for the right Cisco reseller UK, what should your priorities be and what should you demand from such a company?

Here at Data Centre Shop, we take great pride in our status as one of the leading Cisco equipment resellers. Data Centre Shop is part of the wider IT support provider, Proxar IT Consulting, which has been a Cisco Certified reseller and partner since its 2008 establishment.

Is Cisco Certified status that important for a Cisco reseller UK?

The short answer is: yes. ‘Cisco Certified’ isn’t just a badge, as Cisco itself takes great pride in working closely with its resellers to ensure the best possible customer experience – not just at the time of the initial purchase, but for the duration of the buyer-reseller relationship.

When you make your choice of Cisco reseller in London or Kent a Cisco Certified one, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that they were subjected to a thorough training programme before gaining the status of a Cisco Specialized Partner.

Nor does Cisco approve simply any resellers to gain the ‘Certified’ tag; it ensures that they possess extensive industry knowledge to assist you with your buying decision and, as is the case with the wider Proxar IT Consulting Group, make your ownership experience as positive as possible.

An accredited reseller like Data Centre Shop is better-placed than any non-certified company to optimise your network infrastructure, drawing upon the formidable tools and 25 years of network experience of Cisco.

Why else should you should opt for an accredited Cisco reseller?

Whether you require a Cisco reseller in Kent or London, you will want the company to be utterly committed to and invested in your success, assisting you in the planning, construction and management of your network with the help of Cisco’s own smart services.

Indeed, there is a great emphasis on calling upon Cisco’s own support and considerable knowhow and experience for a certified Cisco reseller UK.

Cisco works closely with its resellers, collaborating with them to ensure that your company receives the most innovative, functional and reliable Cisco networking products from a reseller with considerable knowledge of how Cisco and its products and services work.

The dangers of the Cisco ‘grey market’

Furthermore, if you choose a non-certified Cisco reseller in London or Kent, you can’t be sure that the products that you will buy are legitimate. Counterfeit Cisco products  may not last as long as you need them to, or deliver the required performance.

The product that you buy may be older than you think it is, stolen or even contain a software virus that could devastate your network. Even if the product is a legitimate Cisco one, if you bought it through an unauthorised channel, you may not have the same entitlement to Cisco service and warranty support as a buyer from a certified reseller.

Such uncertainty is in sharp contrast to what such a renowned certified Cisco reseller UK as Data Centre Shop can offer. Not only can we procure and install the highest quality Cisco product from a complete and vast range, but our accredited staff can also give you vital advice and even reputable installation, maintenance and 24/7 support services.

That’s the big difference when you choose a firm like Data Centre Shop, part of the Proxar IT Consulting Group.

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