How can you keep your firm’s data centre scalable and reliable with our help?

Keeping your company’s data centre scalable and reliable is not an easy task, but it can be made easier when you draw upon network management services from Data Centre Shop’s partner company, Proxar IT Consulting. Proxar know how much influence a company’s network has on its productivity and revenues, which is why, as we will make clearer, they have drawn upon their considerable relevance knowledge and expertise to… make the network management services that they offer as effective and reliable as possible for a large number and variety of companies.

You can learn much more about these network management services with our help
Though, strictly speaking, we at Data Centre Shop don’t provide network management services, we have made it easy for you to learn more about the network management services on offer from Proxar. All that you have to do is look at the panel at the bottom of the Data Centre Shop website, click on the link that reads ‘Network Management’ and then read from the comprehensive amount of information on the page that subsequently appears in your web browser’s window.

You can use an impressive variety of effective network management services
Proxar offers many different network management services, each of which can greatly help you in different ways to maintain the scalability and reliability of your company’s data centre. These services include IT network management services, which can draw upon expertise in many aspects of data centre networking and Linux/UNIX systems administration to ensure that your company’s data centre is effectively monitored 24 hours a day, and IT project management services, which can help your company to deliver many different IT projects within agreed timescales and budgets.

Your company can financially plan more easily thanks to fixed fees
Unlike many other providers of network management services, who are often willing to charge by the hour or day knowing that they can charge even more money if their clients overrun agreed deadlines, Proxar charge fixed fees for their network management services. Furthermore, they have never missed a single deadline. All of this can make it much easier for you to discern how much money your company should set aside for network management services and so keep your company’s data centre scalable and reliable in a more cost-effective manner.

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