Why we can help to enhance the Welsh capital city’s data centre offering

In the early 19th century, Cardiff was just a small town; however, after industry came to the local area and the town emerged as a crucial port for coal transportation, Cardiff grew dramatically. It is now the capital city of Wales and has become well known for tourist attractions including the Wales Millenium Centre arts complex and sporting venues including the Millenium Stadium. There are good reasons why we at Data Centre Shop can assist in improving the city’s data centre offering.

There is no shortage of people living in and near Cardiff

By population, Cardiff is the largest city in Wales and the ninth largest city in the United Kingdom. To be more exact, the city and county of Cardiff was recorded in the 2011 census as having a population of 346,100. Meanwhile, in the same census, the populations of the larger Urban area and the even larger Metro area, which includes nearby Newport, were respectively recorded as 447,287 and 1,097,000.

Why do we draw attention to all of this? Basically, because we want to emphasise that there are many people who live or near Cardiff – and many of these people are likely to either want to use data centre services or want to use them in the future. This gives many companies good incentives to provide or improve data centre services in the city – and we can help them to do that well!

We offer an impressive diversity of data centre products

We can assist many companies in providing or improving data centre services in Cardiff by supplying them with many different data centre products. Companies can expect high quality in these products, as they are made by companies, including Cisco, HP and Red Hat, with great reputations in making data centre products. Companies can also expect great diversity in these products, as they include not only servers and storage devices, but also networking equipment including firewalls, routers and switches. With our help, companies could enable the provision in Cardiff of data centre services the quality of which is as wonderfully high as the standard of the city’s sports offering.

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