Why you can expect a high level of security when buying products from Data Centre Shop

The great variety of data centre products, including storage devices and networking products, available to purchase from Data Centre Shop gives many businesses a great reason to shop with us. However, there is another great reason for many businesses to buy data centre products through Data Centre Shop:… the great level of security that such businesses can enjoy when doing so. This security can be too easy to overlook, which is why we have decided to use this blog post to detail several reasons why shopping through Data Centre Shop can be especially safe.

We have close relationships with many makers of data centre products
Even if you have made only a cursory glance at the home page of the Data Centre Shop website, you have probably noticed that we have special relationships with many makers of the data centre products that we stock. You have probably noticed, for example, that we are a Cisco Select Certified Partner, a HP Partner and a Red Hat Ready Business Partner. All of this means that, when you use any Cisco, HP or Red Hat products obtained from Data Centre Shop, we are in a better position than many other retailers of these products to address any concerns that you might have about the security of the products.

There are many ways of securely paying for products from Data Centre Shop
You are unlikely to see money stolen from your bank account after paying for products from Data Centre Shop, as we offer and recommend several highly secure methods of payment. We use 128-bit encryption technology to lend you much peace of mind when you are submitting personal information to us. Furthermore, whether you pay by Visa, MasterCard or AMEX for orders below the value of £10,000 or by bank transfer and pro-forma invoice for orders above the value of £10,000, you can rest assured that these payment methods enable you to benefit from particular security features, as we make clear elsewhere on the Data Centre Shop website.

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