How can buying data centre products from Data Centre Shop save your company money?

Many businesses regularly seek to buy new data centre products, such as data centre servers and storage devices. However, in doing so, such businesses are typically demanding; they want products that are of sufficiently high quality to work effectively for a long time, but also products that are not overly financially costly. Such businesses do, after all, have profit margins to consider. We at Data Centre Shop are.. knowledgeable about all of this, which is why we routinely endeavour to ensure that the data centre products we offer can help your company to save money in many different ways. Here are just some of those ways…

We have a policy of charging modest prices
Proxar IT Consulting, the technical management consultancy company of which Data Centre Shop forms a part, realised during the last quarter of 2011 that hardware vendors were willing to offer to Proxar’s contacts very competitive buying prices. Proxar subsequently developed the Data Centre Shop website in early 2012 and opted to modestly price the data centre products that it offered through the website. We know that, when so pricing our products, we can cover costs and help our clients, potentially including your company, to inexpensively get hold of the data centre products that they really need.

Our Cisco Certified status can give you financial peace of mind
Since 2008, Proxar IT Consulting, otherwise known as Proxar Ltd, has been a Cisco Certified Reseller and Partner. This little fact could help your company to save much money in the long term. Indeed, you can feel confident that any Cisco equipment you buy from us at Data Centre Shop is genuine. Counterfeit Cisco products may not last long and so necessitate swift purchasing of replacement products, may contain viruses that could harm your company’s performance and therefore revenue levels and will not receive warranty support from Cisco, a potential financial dilemma if the products become damaged soon after they have been bought.

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