Why can you benefit from a Red Hat Ready Business Partner?

redhat_partnerIf you have been looking closely at the website of Data Centre Shop, you may have noticed that our home page advertises that we are a Red Hat Ready Business Partner. This status has, of course, been bestowed upon us by the American multinational software company Red Hat, which provides open source software products. However, you might remain baffled over what this status can really mean for you if you aim to get the best out of Red Hat products with the assistance of Data Centre Shop. Well, allow us to use this blog post to address your confusion!

You can expect support of both a high level and a high quality
Whatever problems you have with or questions you have about Red Hat products, we at Data Centre Shop are in an especially good position to address them. That’s because being a Red Hat Ready Business Partner makes it easier for us to provide the highest levels of support with Red Hat products to our customers. Being part of the Red Hat Ready Business Partner Program gives us ready access to technical training that is intended to help us to encourage higher sales of Linux and open source solutions.

We can continue developing our expertise in Red Hat products
Though we already have a certain level of expertise in Red Hat products, we are in an especially good position to continue developing that expertise thanks to being a Red Hat Ready Business Partner. Having this status ensures that we, for example, can use online training to continue developing our Linux expertise and benefit from a subscription to Red Hat products including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat GFS and Red Hat Directory Server. We also benefit from unlimited access to the same knowledge base that Red Hat technical support use and that contains up-to-date information. Therefore, you can feel confident that advice you receive from us about many Red Hat products is thoroughly up-to-date.

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