We can assist in improving the Granite City’s data centre services provision

One of the nicknames of the north east Scotland city of Aberdeen is ‘the Granite City’. Indeed, between the mid-18th century and the mid-20th century, many of the city’s buildings were made from locally quarried grey granite capable of sparkling like silver. Such buildings are no longer as common in Aberdeen, but buildings of granite or other materials in the city could be put to good use in accommodating data centres. This is largely because we at Data Centre Shop offer data centre products, including servers, storage devices and networking routers, which could be used to help to enhance the data centre provision in the Granite City.

Why enhancing this data centre services offering could be highly worthwhile

The city is undeniably populous. In fact, it is the third most populous city in Scotland and the 37th most populous built-up area in the United Kingdom and has been officially estimated to have a population of 220,420. Furthermore, given the city’s appealing wealth of attractions such as the Aberdeen International Youth Festival and accolades of, as named by Mercer in 2012, the world’s 56th most liveable city and Britain’s fourth most liveable city, Aberdeen could attract many more people to live in or near it long into the future.

The main reason why we are emphasising the high number of people who do and could live in Aberdeen is that it helps to explain why enhancing data centre services provision in the city could be highly worthwhile for many companies. There are likely many people who either seek to use good data centre services in Aberdeen or will seek to do so in the future!

We offer data centre products that can be very useful

We at Data Centre Shop stock a great diversity of great quality data centre products from companies including Cisco, Red Hat and HP. These companies are highly regarded for the data centre products that they offer, so companies buying them as part of their mission to provide high quality data centre services in Aberdeen can feel confident that they can use these products to impressive effect.

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