Why should your business treat network security as a big priority?

Thanks to network management services from our partner company, Proxar IT Computing, your company can run its data centre network especially effectively. However, one aspect of your network that you should treat as an especially high priority is its security. Allow us to explain why you should do so and consider network security solutions available from Proxar.

New network security risks emerge regularly
With new network vulnerabilities and new methods of attack on networks regularly being discovered, you can’t afford to neglect this aspect of your network even if you currently consider your network to be highly secure. Indeed, even a relatively naive Internet user can launch a serious attack on a network if they have the right knowledge and tools at their disposal.

Neglected network security can have grave financial consequences
Money is bound to be crucial to your company; naturally, you want to make as much of it as possible and lose as little of it as possible. Hence, your company will not welcome the fact that, as time progresses and attacks on networks become more intelligent and targeted, the financial consequences for businesses the networks of which are attacked are worsening.

There are numerous external threats to consider
External attacks are often technical in nature as their originators typically lack intimate knowledge of or legitimate access to the network that they attack. DoS/DDoS attacks have been financially costly to many businesses in the past; meanwhile, before 2007, viruses were the main cause of financial losses for many companies.

There are also many different internal threats to watch out for
Security threats that are especially easy to overlook include internal security threats. Basically, these are threats that originate from inside, not outside, the company. The possibility of such threats should be taken very seriously as people who could internally threaten your network will already know about the network and its available resources and typically have been granted some level of network security access due to the nature of their jobs inside the company.

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