A brief history of the development of data centres

If you are familiar with Data Centre Shop, you are probably familiar with at least some of the history of Data Centre Shop. However, you could be surprised by how little you actually know about the history of data centres. If this is indeed the case, then you could surprisingly benefit from this blog post,… which details a basic version of the history of the development of data centres.

The emergence of the earliest data centres
Early in the history of the computing industry, computer systems required complicated operation and maintenance procedures and so tended to be used in huge computer rooms in which all of the necessary computing equipment could be stored. Such equipment included cables that were needed to connect components, cable trays and racks to mount equipment.

As the microcomputer industry grew, especially during the 1980s, computers were increasingly deployed in many different places. This led many companies to become increasingly aware of the necessity of controlling IT resources; hence, encouraged by developments including the Windows operating system replacing the MS-DOS operating system in popularity, PCs were increasingly used in the old computer rooms. As networking equipment became less expensive, PCs, commonly referred to as “servers”, were more often placed in a dedicated room inside a company. Around this time, the word “data centre” started to become popularly used to describe this kind of room.

The later dramatic rise in popularity of data centres
Data centres sharply increased in popularity during the dot-com bubble, as many companies required fast Internet speeds and constant operation from their computers. It was around this time that many larger companies started building huge facilities that were known as Internet data centres or IDCs. These facilities necessitated the development of new technologies and practices. These practices later became adopted more widely, such as in private data centres, as their practical effectiveness became more clear. Though data centres intended for cloud computing have often been dubbed cloud data centres or CDCs, the practice of using different terms for different types of data centres has become less common over time.

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