What benefits can you expect when you buy HP products from a HP Partner?

HP-partner-logoThrough our online store, you can get your hands on lots of HP data centre products, including storage devices, rack servers and blade servers. And, certainly, from HP, you can expect quality; the company’s familiar logo has adorned many different types of highly regarded devices, including computers, printers and cameras. Furthermore, you can especially expect quality¬†when buying HP data centre products from Data Centre Shop, as we have the status of a HP Partner. What exact benefits can you enjoy from a HP Partner? Below, we list a few examples.

You can benefit from especially attractive prices
As a HP Partner, we enjoy a close relationship with Hewlett-Packard that many other retailers that offer products from the company don’t. This relationship enables us to benefit from discounts on specific deals and special promotions when obtaining equipment from HP to offer to our customers. The relationship also ensures that HP offer us free access to sales tools, product information and much more. All of the savings that we make thanks to all of this, we can subsequently pass onto our clients when they purchase HP data centre products from Data Centre Shop.

You can receive especially high quality support
Our status as a HP Partner gives us access to a local support team from HP who can answer questions that we have about the company’s data centre products that we stock. We can benefit from, for example, a dedicated call centre that also makes possible readily accessible online support. What does all of this mean for our clients? Basically, that, due to the kind of relationship that we have with HP, we are in a better position than many other retailers offering HP products to effectively answer questions that many people can have about HP products. This means that we can especially effectively help you if you are considering buying any particular HP data centre products from Data Centre Shop, but have questions about them the answers to which could influence whether you ultimately opt to splash the cash.

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