Belfast can have even better data centres with assistance from Data Centre Shop

The capital and largest city of Northern Ireland, Belfast, has a long history of economic prosperity. It has succeeded in industries including those of tobacco production, rope-making and shipbuilding and played a huge role in the Industrial Revolution. Industrialisation and inward migration made the city the largest in Ireland at the beginning of the 20th century and, today, it remains successful in many areas, including industry, the arts, higher education and business. Below, we explain how it could become even better with use of data centre products including firewalls, servers and storage devices from Data Centre Shop.

Many people can benefit from great Belfast data centres

Belfast is, by population, the UK’s eighteenth largest city and has a population of 286,000. However, there are many more people who live in close proximity to the city; indeed, the broader Belfast Urban area has a population of 483,418, the even larger Belfast Metropolitan Area has a population of 579,276 and the even larger Larger Urban Zone, which is defined by the European Union, has a complete population of 641,638.

Hence, there is no shortage of people in and near the city of Belfast who are either keen to use data centres and data centre services in the city or at least likely to be so keen at some stage. This gives many Belfast companies incentives to build data centres or at least improve data centres that they already own. They can do all of this through using a wide range of reliable data centre equipment from specialist data centre products retailer Data Centre Shop.

Why we can help to improve many data centres

The great data centre products that we offer are courtesy of esteemed data centre product makers including Cisco, HP and Red Hat. However, we don’t just offer great such products; we also offer great support for such products bought from Data Centre Shop. Why? We have the statuses of a Cisco Select Certified Partner, HP Partner and Red Hat Ready Business Partner. These statuses put us in better positions to help our customers with many data centre products.

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