Australian data centre operator NextDC records huge revenue growth but financial loss

NextDC, the Australia-based data centre company, has revealed itself to have had mixed fortunes recently. Though the company has revealed that its revenue grew from $4.8 million in the six months ending on 31 December 2012 to $28.8 million in the most recent financial year half, a huge increase of 495%, NextDC also recorded a financial loss in that half; to be more precise, it fell from a $4.7 million profit to a $7.3 million loss.

Impressive progress recently made by NextDC

However, despite these mixed figures, NextDC seems optimistic about its progress. The company’s CFO, Paul Jobbins, has attributed the above mentioned financial loss to the company’s investments in infrastructure and claimed that key metrics for NextDC are moving in the right direction. The company has also indicated that it is progressing from a development phase and into operational mode.

The impressive progress that NextDC has recently made includes the opening of two new data centres – one in Sydney and another in Perth. Neither of these facilities contributed to the period to which the aforementioned figures relate; the Sydney data centre will contribute for the entire second half of the current financial year, which will also include fourth months’ worth of revenues produced by the Perth facility. NextDC has also recently added 62 new channel partners and greatly increased its network capacity.

The future seems promising for NextDC

The company’s chief executive Craig Scroggie claims that, as NextDC “begins to transition out of the development phase, and leverages its impressive [Australian] national network of data centres, the operating leverage of the model will become more pronounced in the financial results.” This suggests that, though the huge investment in infrastructure has hit the company’s short term financial health, it could lead to a very promising financial future indeed for NextDC.

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