24/7 Support Services

Customers of Data Centre Shop have the option of high quality 24/7 support services from our partner company, Proxar IT Consulting. You may be interested in IT network management services that are ideally suited for infrastructures of a wide range of sizes, or you may be particularly anxious to request services in network monitoring that help to guard against such occurrences as crashed servers or power outages.

Irrespective of your exact needs, Proxar has a justified reputation for highly suitable, responsive and professional services, all of which are also available at a fixed fee – meaning that you can better manage your company’s finances, irrespective of how often you require such support.

IT network management services

Even the very best data centre network design, implemented to the highest standard, and irrespective of the equipment used, will need to be suitably managed and maintained. Proxar is the perfect firm to which to outsource IT network management and monitoring services, whether your network is a small one – consisting of fewer than 30 servers – or is instead a medium or large-sized infrastructure. Proxar ensures that your infrastructure remains stable and reliable, courtesy of its 24/7 network monitoring and support team.

The company’s knowhow encompasses most aspects of data centre networking and the administration of Linux/UNIX systems, with a particular focus on Red Hat and CentOS operating systems and Cisco Systems technologies. Proxar is, however, vendor independent, and as such, provides only the most impartial and appropriate IT network management services. The company can apply its expertise to aspects ranging from network configuration and software upgrades to firewall, router or load balancer configuration, as part of a truly efficient and convenient service.

Network monitoring services

It is vital to carefully consider network monitoring requirements as part of the process of designing a data centre, not least as you will need some kind of arrangement for being alerted to such potential problems as crashed servers, overloaded systems, power outages or lost network connections, to give just a few examples. It’s also important to ensure that your network monitoring system has some form of backup power, so that it is always on and can therefore notify you of such problems as power outages. It is for such reasons that many such systems actually have their own, dedicated power lines.

Proxar recognises the importance of a firm’s chosen network monitoring software being appropriately integrated with the IT infrastructure, which it why it has actually developed its own monitoring platform, making use of Red Hat Linux, Cisco Network and open source software. There are many different elements that will need to be monitored in a typical environment, from networking devices and servers to operating systems and hardware, and Proxar can monitor them all, whether you opt to install a platform inside your infrastructure or use the company’s own platform.

IT outsourcing services

As much as you might like your firm to be able to exercise maximum control over its own affairs, when it comes to such areas as IT, there are certain areas of high complexity for which you are likely to require extra management and/or support. It is in such circumstances that you are likely to outsource certain jobs to specialists, so that you can focus most of your time and energy on your core business – and such specialists do not come much more renowned than those at Proxar.

Whether you are interested in outsourcing services that relate to web platforms, security management or network management, Proxar has the resources and expertise that are required in order to cater for your exact needs. The company can perform upgrades, manage change and generally make your costs more predictable. Plus, as the firm is an IT infrastructure specialist rather than a provider of general outsourcing services, you can be assured of day-to-day support, services and upgrades from its own staff and consultants.

Fixed fee 24/7 support services

When you are required to call upon an IT consulting specialist for support on an ‘ad hoc’, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis, the least that you will appreciate is a predictable pricing structure, one that allows your company to better plan spending. That is precisely what Proxar offers, as unlike so many companies in its field, it charges fixed fees for its work – all while bringing you the benefit of its expertise over a very wide range of areas, from Cisco networking to network security.

But of course, a fixed fee service is of limited value if your firm is constantly incurring extra costs as a result of overrun deadlines. That is why you are also likely to appreciate Proxar’s 100% record in the meeting of deadlines.

Find out more about Proxar

Contact Proxar now for more information about its various services and solutions, from Network Design to Cisco Consulting Services – the latter including Cisco Nexus consulting. Simply give the team a call on 0844 809 4335 to learn more about not only these services, but also such others as the firm’s services in IT Project Management and Network Security Consulting, as well as Red Hat Consultancy Services.